Will Rodapova Make VMA Appearance?

rodapova_vma.jpgThere’s plenty of obligatory buzz surrounding tonight’s return of the MTV Video Music Awards to New York. The lavishly-produced show always forces one to remember there was a time when MTV used to play actual music videos. And with the U.S. Open and tennis “just friends” Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova in Flushing, we’re hearing from a few sources that the paparazzi’s Rodapova wish may, in fact, be granted.

Note: Sharapova’s 2nd round match is slated to begin “not before 4:00PM,” which — based on her 59-minute beating of Michaella Krajicek last night — would give her just enough time to scurry over to Radio City Music Hall. And, by the looks of her Nike cocktail dress, she wouldn’t even have to change.

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