Will Readers Come Around To eBooks This Year?

It is no surprise that people love books. We’ve read them for thousands of years and they feel pretty good to the touch and smell. Still, no matter how much you love the printed word, eBooks have gotten pretty nice to look at and the recent development in eReaders are making them more pleasurable to read. This year may finally be the year of the eReader.

eBooks are incredibly convenient for book lovers that like to travel without the extra weight, or for those urban dwellers in small spaces that read a lot more books than they can house.

LA Times reporter Michael Hiltzik has an op-ed this week, in which he recounts how he got over his fear of eBooks and bought a Kindle, something he never thought he’d do. Here is an excerpt from the piece: “There’s something liberating about a good e-reader. A large part of it is the ability to buy a book and have it delivered (by Wi-Fi or 3-G network) within a minute. There’s no question that I’ve bought more books, and read more, than I did in any equivalent pre-Kindle period. The two leading e-book merchants, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, allow you to download a free sample of any e-book. It’s usually a chapter or two — not always enough to be sure you’ll like a book, but often enough to know you’ll hate it.”

Have you traded in print for digital?

Via The Huffington Post.