Will Politicians Start to Lobby Group Admins?

As I covered last week, Facebook is going to soon remove their limit on Facebook groups. Whether this will be all groups or only specific groups, I am not quite sure. One thing is for sure though, if groups start gaining significant traction both politicians and commercial organizations could benefit from lobbying group admins. Stephen Colbert was able to recruit 1,000,000 users in 9 days. Imagine if he was able to email those million people. That would create a significant opportunity for any politician.

Facebook is going to do whatever they can to prevent spam from proliferating across their site. As such, I have a feeling that Facebook will limit groups that can mass message people. Alternatively, there will be a some sort of mass message approval queue so that Facebook can moderate all large outgoing messages. Spammers are not always a burden to Facebook. Just like hackers, they can help find exploits and in turn help Facebook to prevent future spamming. Facebook still has a way to go until they have successfully prevented spammers from the site.

Currently, there is no real way to validate that any given account has a valid user behind it or if it is a duplicate account. While this is an unsolvable issue for the time being, Facebook has been the most effective at disabling fake accounts. On occasion, their stringent policy has resulted in the disabling of legitimate accounts but 9 times out of 10, the account is re-enabled and the issue resolved. Back to the issue: lobbying Facebook group admins. I think it may start happening if Facebook completely opens up group messaging, do you?