Will Mobile TV Superstars Emerge?

RCR Wireless News asks how the writer’s strike in Hollywood could affect mobile TV and, potentially, help spur its growth.

It’s too soon to determine how the strike will affect the momentum wireless carriers and content providers are experiencing with the growth of mobile TV services, the report said. But “the Writers Guild of America argues it is fighting for big stakes in the emerging new media space. That umbrella term for the newest forms of distribution, including mobile TV services, is the name of the game-and largely considered the future-for TV, and writers understandably want to secure their slice of that action going forward.”

During the strike, there’s potential for more viewers to turn to the Internet, and increasingly, mobile. And adoption numbers could “increase substantially if a mobile video superstar were to emerge during the strike,” said Karen Allen, general manager of Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas.

“(The strike) is of tertiary consequence when it comes to mobile video,” said Kanishka Agarwal, VP of mobile media at Nielsen Mobile, in the article. “Mobile video is seeing pretty rapid growth. The key thing that’s keeping it from being a mass phenomenon at this point is price.”

Mobile TV ‘superstars’ could emerge from dragged-out writers’ strike [RCR Wireless News]