Will Katie Couric Dress Like She Did For Pope Funeral On Evening News?

As Katie Couric gears up for her debut as CBS Evening News anchor next month, her “anchor look” gears up to be scrutinized.

Via Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Edition:

Is Katie Couric changing her look? The promo CBS is airing in advance of her debut next month as the first woman solo anchor of a network evening news program suggests that she is. In the promo, Ms. Couric is dressed in a black suit, with a double strand of pearls around her neck — a more serious look than the colorful, trendy outfits she often wore to cover light topics for many years on the “Today” show. Ms. Couric, of course, sometimes dressed more formally on that show, too, pairing similar pearls with a dark suit to cover Pope John Paul II‘s funeral.

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