Will Inception be the ‘Vaguely About Architecture’ Movie of the Summer?

Last year’s big “they mention architecture a lot” movie (besides, you know, all those documentaries about architecture) was 500 Days of Summer. Now it looks like Inception is your best bet if you like to watch movies about characters who say things vaguely related to the profession or wherein the buildings look neat. The film’s studio has just released this short clip, entitled “Architect” wherein Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Caine saying the word at least once (whether they’re using the word to describe someone who designs buildings or as more of the “the brains behind” definition isn’t something we know):

Because that clip is so short, we recommend heading over to the LA Times for their interesting profile of Dominique Arcadio, the film’s art department researcher about her work looking into how to find looks for the buildings in the film (so maybe it actually does have real leanings in that direction).