Will GIF-Powered Emails Get More People RSVP’ing for Events?

Splash and Giphy say the numbers point to yes

GIFs have already overtaken brands' social media and online video. Next up: Email marketing.

Event-planning platform Splash and Giphy—a GIF library and search engine—are teaming up today to let marketers plug GIFs into the emails and landing pages that Splash uses to organize gatherings and RSVP lists.

Crafting perfect email and event campaigns that get someone's attention is tough these days, and Splash CEO Ben Hindman said the partnership will shake up the dry and un-personalized campaigns marketers are known for sending clients.

Adding GIFs to emails isn't particularly new (Giphy also plugs into Gmail and MailChimp's software) but it does show how event marketers are pulling in all kinds of bells and whistles to cut through the massive clutter of emails.

Giphy's software is baked into Splash so that users upload a GIF to an email or landing page template like they would add a photo. Then they type in a keyword to find an animated loop.

Here's an explanation of how it works, in GIF form.

Over the next few months, Splash plans to analyze which keywords work best at getting someone to click through to RSVP for an event.

Already, Hindman says there's a bit of a science in terms of which emails are most effective with GIFs.

"Brands on average send out about five emails per event—including a save the date, an invitation reminder, a date of event reminder and a post-event email," he  said. "What we're already finding is that the most effective place to use a GIF is on the reminder email."

The partnership is the latest in a surprisingly long list of ways that brands can plug Giphy loops into their marketing.

Here are four other ways digital marketers can add GIFs to their campaigns through Giphy's tools:

1. Mobile messaging: Giphy powers the animated loops inside apps like Kik, Facebook Messenger and Verizon Messages.

2. WordPress and RebelMouse: Giphy's technology plugs into blog posts.

3. TV: Brands can turn on Giphy TV to stitch loops together so that they take over an entire browser window to scroll endlessly.

4. Twitch: Game-minded marketers can talk to fans in chat rooms with animated videos.

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