Will Facebook Cave on Scrabulous?

This morning the BBC reported that Facebook has received a letter from the Hasbro and Mattel lawyers requesting that Facebook remove the application from the platform. Requests made to the Scrabulous team directly failed in immediate action so now Hasbro and Mattel have taken the issue to Facebook. My guess is that the Facebook legal team will be in contact with the Scrabulous lawyers prior to taking any action.

As of now the application is still up and running but as I reported last week, the game may be soon shut down. So far no actions have been made and as it currently appears, this legal battle may be brought to the courts. With close to 600,000 active daily users, we may soon begin to witness riots in the streets worldwide if the application is shut down. Recreational players will be at a loss, wondering what to do with the new found free time.

Many have suggested that Hasbro and Mattel take alternative actions such as embracing the application as a marketing tool for the Scrabble game. As the BBC is reporting, one member of the “Save Scrabulous” group on Facebook has stated that they purchased two Scrabble boards after learning about the game through Scrabulous. I doubt that one individual is enough reason for Scrabble to relent on their legal pursuits.

Do you think Hasbro and Mattel are being childish? Will Facebook shut down Scrabulous in the coming days?