Will eBooks Really Wipe Out Print?

It is very difficult to get an accurate number on how many eBooks are really sold these days. Companies like Apple will say that they have a certain portion of the eBook market or that they have seen 35 million book downloads and Amazon says that they have sold more than a million Stieg Larsson eBooks and that eBooks outsell hardcover books from their site, but none of these companies come out with hard numbers.

There is a lot of speculation that eBooks are killing print books or vice versa. MIT’s technology blog has a post today arguing that eBook sales represent “only six percent of the total market for new books.”

From the blog: “Here’s the reality this kind of hype is up against: back of the envelope calculations suggest that ebooks are only six pecent of the total market for new books. How can that be possible, when Amazon recently said that ebooks are outselling hard-cover books at Amazon.com? Easy: Amazon is only 19 percent of the total book market. Also, Amazon has something like 90 percent of the world’s ebook market.”

What do you think?