Will Dogs Watch the YouTube Channel for Cats?

The Videos for Your Cats channel on YouTube has generated plenty of publicity from cat owners, but what about dogs?

Social Times investigated in the video embedded above, filming four dogs watching the YouTube channel intended for cats:

Videos for Your Cats is not for dogs, say four dogs who watched a video on the YouTube channel. Created by Meghan Koley in 2012, the Videos for Your Cats channel shows fish swimming in an aquarium, birds pecking at seeds in a bird feeder, and other visual stimuli that will make your cat go insane. Our dogs Xochi, Loki, Shechi, and Cowboy, were not impressed. Since dogs can’t actually talk, you’ll have to watch this video to see what we mean.

Social Times editor Devon Glenn talked about the channel on the Morning Media Menu today. Press play below to listen on SoundCloud…