Will B&N’s Christmas Nook Fail Hurt Its Big Comeback?

With Kindle 3 sales becoming the most popular item ever sold on Amazon, we can safely say that the eReader arrived this holiday season.

With all of the eReader gifting going on, Barnes & Noble lost big time by having its servers fail to sell eBooks over the Christmas holiday weekend. For a company that has been banking on its new color eReader to bail it out of trouble, this was a major loss.

And they should have been prepared for this, after they faced the same problem last year, when eReaders were a lot less popular.

We wrote about the news yesterday and one commenter had this to say: “B and N do know they could have leased server farms to handle the extra traffic don’t they? I mean you would think after last year they would have learned something. Not only can one not download you can’t even get onto forum page to check for any info. Funny, I’ve yet to see anything posted on their site mentioning the issue much less an update on when it will be addressed. Fail! Nook is getting returned after work today and I am purchasing a Kindle. You blew it Barnes and Noble.”

What do you think?