Will AT&T Reduce the iPhone Data Plan? I Hope So But Doubt It

Businessweek and a lot of other journalists/bloggers have been speculating about…

Cheaper iPhone Plans from AT&T?

…for a couple of weeks now. iPhone owners (raising hand) currently pay a minimum of $70 for their voice plus data plan. The data part of that total is $30 and does NOT include text messaging. So, most of the actual cost is for voice. A similar plan from T-Mobile for Windows Mobile Smartphones costs just $50. $20 of that total is for EDGE data plus T-Mobile WiFi hotspot use by any WiFi device owned by the subscriber (notebook, netbook). The voice part is a relatively reasonable $30 and includes a handful of text messages per month.

AT&T has not had any problems with iPhone sales based on $70+/month so far. However, the first wave of iPhone (1st generation) buyers are reaching the end of their initial 2-year subscription so far. But, where would they go to if they decided to dump their AT&T service in the U.S.? So, unfortunately, I don’t think AT&T has a strong reason to lower their data (or voice) price at the moment? Next year might be a different story, however, if the Palm Pre, Android or Windows 7 catches fire.