Will AIGA Go After the United Nations Over Their New Logo Contest?

0210unaiga.jpgLast week, the AIGA publicly complained about the National Endowment for the Arts‘ launch of a “design our new logo” competition, saying spec work of that sort damages design professions. Now that they’ve gone local, they might also decided to go global to make a statement against the United Nations‘ launch of the World Urban Campaign Logo Competition. The contest is on the hunt for a logo for the World Urban Campaign sessions, held this year in Rio de Janeiro in mid-March. Of the entries, three finalists will be selected and flown to Rio and each will receive a cash prize based on ranking ($5000, down to $2000). While it’s certainly spec work for a good organization, it’s still spec work and could land the group facing another letter from the AIGA. And that it’s endorsed by Icograda makes it potentially more confrontational, given that AIGA also just publicly distanced themselves from that international group. We’d love to hear your opinions on the matter, so get to commenting.