Will a Suicide Change American Idol?

96535694_fb9064e11f.jpgAmerican Idol has been a television juggernaut for Fox. It sweeps in the ratings – it’s been a cultural mainstay for eight seasons. Nine? American Idol has been idolized – replicated and made into a formula to which we are all familiar: three judges watch crazy people that really think they’re good but aren’t. We laugh at their shocking lack of self-awareness (like we did with Sarah Palin), then the judges say mean things and Americans feel better about themselves for never trying.

Then the second half of the season, really talented people cry and say how bad they want to win in all their private interviews.

Bring on the product integration!

So now a woman named Paula Goodspeed, a contestant (her AI video, if you have the stomach to watch, can be found here) killed herself in front of Paula Abdul’s house yesterday.

Now that it’s happened, it seems like it was only a matter of time. These people are being mocked nationally for nothing more than ratings, our national sense of smugness and a overwhelming desire to tell untalented people off. It’s like that line from Sunset Boulevard “You don’t yell at a sleepwalker – he may fall and break his neck.”

Will this change American Idol? Will it be like Jenny Jones after the murder of one of her guests? That arguably changed talk shows.

Will they stop using random unpaid fragile crazy people and just stick to having their regular celebrity fragile crazy people?