Wiley to Convert 660 ‘For Dummies’ Titles to eBooks

John Wiley & Sons will be working with Easypress, a digital conversion service, to transfer nearly 700 of its For Dummies reference books to Epub format. Wiley choose the EasyEPUB service provided by Easypress becuase it is designed to work with large volumes of files. this will result in saving time and effort while improving accuracy over manual conversion processes.

Steve Arany, Automation Manager for Wiley, said: “As the eBook market expands, we knew there had to be an easier way to convert the huge backlist of our popular ‘For Dummies’ series. Because of the series’ detailed images and layouts, outsourcing for manual conversion from PDF would be expensive, time consuming and pose a number of quality risks. EasyEPUB solves many problems for us by using its software to deliver the conversions directly from our layout files, while maintaining the ‘Dummies’ branding.”