WildTangent Launches BrandBoost for Social Games

Today, Redmond, Washington-based WildTangent announced the BrandBoost advertising platform which allows social game players able to buy virtual goods by viewing ads. This follows a trend of recent expansions of virtual good purchasing options, including OfferPal’s Tasks system and Peanut Labs Media’s Cherry Deals Discounts.

WildTangent is a longtime player in the casual games space, having powered games for companies like HP, Dell, Toshiba and more. They bulit on that success and now have an extensive list of advertisers, and combining that with their history in games, the introduction of BrandBoost could have a very big effect on the social games monetization ecosystem.

BrandBoost is a unique advertising platform that enables consumers to unlock premium game content by engaging with brand advertising. Specifically, they are attempting to pitch this service to big brands through the concept of what they call value exchange advertising. They define this as follows: “by choosing to engage with a brand, consumers get access to game content that they would otherwise have to pay for”. The concept is similar to other offers from competing companies like Super Rewards or TrialPay, but the difference is that WildTangent doesn’t ask users to complete surveys or offers, they simply have to view an ad for a short amount of time, and get their reward. Those rewards are defined as follows:

  • Downloadables: Ad engagement unlocks free sessions of that can last up to 24 hours.
  • Subscription Based MMO’s: Ad engagement unlocks a free 1 day subscription
  • F2P MMO’s and Virtual Worlds: Ad engagement unlocks virtual items
  • Social Games: Ad engagement unlocks virtual items

We can see that WildTangent, who hasn’t had much of a social games presence before this move, is definitely gearing to engage with social games. And looking at their incredible list of advertisers, this could be a very significant move into the space. I’ve included the list here, and it certainly contains a lot of known names and Fortune 500 companies.

You can read more about the service here.