WildCharger for iPhone or iPod touch: Wire Free Charging But Not As Nice as the Pre Solution

Photo courtesy of WildCharge

PC World has a great item about a product that provides a Palm Pre-like wireless charging solutoin for the iPhone or iPod touch…

Wireless Charging Comes to iPhone

In fact, looking at the vendor’s site…


…the firm also provides wireless charging options for the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve as well as the Motorola Razr. The version for the iPod touch is available now while the iPhone version is listed as being ready in about two weeks. The WildCharge Adapter Skin and Charge Pad bundle for the iPod touch costs $79.99. The adapter skin alone is available for $34.99. I didn’t see a price for the Charge Pad itself. I presume the iPhone products will be priced the same.

While the idea is interesting, the product looks pretty bulky. And, it means one more thing to remove if I want to use something like a clip on battery charger or Griffin’s iClarfi macro camera lens add-on.

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