Wilbon Compares Himself to Lebron, Wade

Judging from Washington Post writer Michael Wilbon, life of a columnist sounds just wonderful. In his latest column, Wilbon describes what happened when The Chicago Tribune tried to woo him back home.

He uses this experience to compare with what Lebron James and Dwayne Wade must be going through during their NBA free agency process. It’s not quite as glamorous as the NBA star treatment, but hey, he got a free sweater and he’s comparing his situation to the Lebron sweepstakes. Some would say ‘that’s ballsy,’ I would say his job must rock.
Wilbon writes:

The Chicago Tribune called. Well, actually, a Chicago Tribune editor flew to Washington to visit me some years back and said my hometown newspaper, the one I grew up delivering as a kid with my brother and our dog, was going to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

He goes on to talk about what the Tribune gave him as gifts, during the recruiting process.

“One day the Trib sent me a box of “recruiting materials” that included my high school letter sweater from my days on the baseball team. It was an incredible rush. I was gone.”

Obviously, he ended up choosing to stay in DC, but that sounds like a sweet process. When does the next great recruiting year happen for columnists? Will someone get a one-hour special on ESPN?
(h/t Romenesko)