Wikipedia PR Head: ‘PR Pros Can Participate On Wikipedia In Any Way They Like’

Wikipedia has been a thorn in the side of PR professionals for quite some time. Particularly because many want to make updates to entries for their clients or brand, but are not quite sure of the proper way to do so.

PRWeek UK spoke with Jay Walsh, Wikipedia head of communications. Here is the answer to the million dollar question:

If pros have an issue with an entry what are they steps they should take to have an effect on that entry? How should they go about it so as not getting banned etc.

You can click on the ‘discussion’ tab of the article to figure out what other details are being discussed about the page. The issue may have already arisen. You can also write on the discussion pages to reach out to other editors who care about the topic. You can present information, links, facts etc and not worry about having your visible edits reverted.

A simpler path is to reach out to our volunteer-powered user service system. Send your inquiry to Highlight the issue, the article/link in question and be as precise as possible in describing the issue. If you want a fact corrected, make sure the correct information is available and public. Has the fact been widely reported by a media outlet? Can it be found on a corporate website or trusted blog? If a Wikipedian can’t cite a fact, it’s hard to change the article.

Read the full interview here.