Wikileaks’ Theatrical Debut

Assange's life comes center stage

Wikileaks is going from criticism on the global stage to hopefully rave reviews on the theatrical stage. Award-winning Australian playwright Ron Elisha is taking searing news headlines about his fellow countryman Julian Assange and transforming them into art.

"Stainless Steel Rat," follows a fictional director working on a film about Assange, taking place amid the pandemonium of Wikileaks’ release of thousands of secret diplomatic cables last year. The tale wrapped in reality mirrors the attention Assange’s story has received from the creative world; books have been written and a film on the same subject has already been optioned.

The title of the play is a nod to Assange’s online dating persona Harry Harrison, the author of the 1960s spy novel Stainless Steel Rat. It is no surprise then that the play explores beyond Assange’s life as the head of Wikileaks and delves into the more personal, including his childhood as well as later alleged sexual indiscretions in Sweden. Rehearsals for the show kick off in Sydney next week.