WikiLeaks, Halloween and the World Series Dominated Social Conversations in October

Facebook and Instagram's hottest topics

In Facebook's world, the holidays are month-long affairs.

Every month for Adweek, Facebook IQ evaluates hot topics from the prior month to see which subjects are driving conversation across the tech company's platforms.

According to Facebook, social conversation in October was focused on holidays like Halloween and Diwali, along with that little baseball competition known as the World Series. Users also paid attention to prominent causes last month, with discussion related to National Breast Cancer Month charting higher than usual on both Facebook and Instagram.

Conversation on Instagram was focused around more on the scary side of things—jack-o-lanterns (of course), "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and the post-Halloween Day of the Dead. The hit show "The Walking Dead" also reared its zombie head in the trends.

Several people also made the list, with older men posting more about filmmaker Michael Moore and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, while younger women were posting more about actor Kevin Hart. (Martha Stewart—who recently launched a TV show with Snoop Dogg—fell in the middle, with a slightly older audience split between men and women.)

And then of course there were some political topics ahead of the U.S. presidential election, with older men talking more on Facebook about WikiLeaks and George Soros, while older women talked slightly more about Planned Parenthood. (No word on whether all of these topics led to polite discourse or if they fell more on the you-don't-post-this-on-Facebook side things.)

Here's a look at some recent social trends: