WikiLeaks’ Assange Speaks to the Media

After nine days in jail, the media may not have been the first thing on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s mind. Still, a PRWeek UK story says his appearance to journalists on the courthouse steps was “well-handled.”

“If justice is not always the outcome at least it is not dead yet,” he is reported to have said in reference to the British justice system.

Comments from PR experts cited in the story included calling his media appearance “textbook PR manipulation” and suggesting his modesty and understated words were necessary to help him “sustain support.”

The story quotes Bespoke Speeches founder Simon Lancaster applauding the nature of his words. “This was a good call – the biggest danger for him at the moment is that he becomes bigger than his cause or his assailants.”

Good Morning America‘s George Stephanopoulos interviewed Assange this morning (video above). Assange  called the allegations against him a “smear campaign.” He was released on $370,000 bail.

Meanwhile, ABC News has been told that Assange is ready “to vindicate himself and clear his good name.”

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