Wifi Dominates the iPad Market; Verizon Not so Much

Marco Ament, developer of Instapaper, released some of his tracking data last week. It;s not a completely accurate snapshot of the iPad market, but it does tell us a few interesting details.

Instapaper is an iOS app that you can use (along with the free web service) to save webpages to read later on your iPhone or iPad. Since you have to use the Instapaper servers in order to transfer the content, the servers have to know the basic technical details of the device you’re using.

BTW, I wouldn’t get too upset about this; virtually every website that you visit can do this if it wants to. It’s not new.

There are a number of interesting details in the data, but the one that caught my eye is shown in the lead image. When it comes to 3G enabled iPad2, Verizon is running a distant second to iPad2s with a GSM cellular connection. And as you can see, the Wifi-enabled iPads are way out in front.

Now, we don’t know for sure network the GSM iPad2s are using; it could be either T-Mobile or AT&T. But there is still a sizable difference between the 2 parts of the pie chart. At the very least the chart shows that iPad buyers are choosing the model that gives them more options and that’s not Verizon.


via marco.org