WiFi Direct Certification Finalized To Challenge Bluetooth

One of the longer running debates with mobile technology has been WiFi versus Bluetooth. The two wireless technologies have different purposes, but proponents of both often point out that one can serve the other’s purpose and therefore there really is no need for two wireless radios. For example, the WiFi specification has always allowed for direct device-to-device communication in what is known as ad hoc mode, but that has always been a bit more difficult to configure than Bluetooth. Bluetooth has always used less battery power and the cost of Bluetooth radios has usually been cheaper than WiFi.

The WiFi Alliance has announced the official release of the WiFi Direct certification, which is a standard way for WiFi to be used for device-to-device communication. The WiFi Alliance is the official organization that certifies WiFi products. Five different WiFi radios have obtained the official WiFi Direct certification. An example of how WiFi Direct could be used is by mobile phones to stream video and pictures to televisions. WiFi Direct will support push-button set up, utilize existing WiFi security, and support WiFi speeds, which are faster than Bluetooth and allow for video streaming.

The certified radios announced today by the WiFi Alliance are components that could be used in mobile devices, computers, and televisions. No announcements have been made about products that will use the radios and therefore it is not known when we will be able to by products that use the WiFi Direct standard.