Widget Box Offers "Facebook Goodness" Application Integration

Widget Box Facebook integrationMany of us develop widgets on a daily basis for our blogs, clients and…well because we have nothing better to do. The challenge becomes how best to integrate a widget with a social network. WidgetBox has provided a solution and already has over 10,000 widgets that you can integrate directly with your Facebook profile with a click of a button. A quick browse through the widgetbox directory shows that most of the widgets are blidgets, or widgets for blogs. It is widget mania with Widget box! For those that are developing widgets for multiple platforms, WidgetBox offers an easy solution:

“Widgetbox is your source for the hottest widgets around. With the Widgetbox Gallery for Facebook, you can browse our widget gallery and choose from over 10,000 cool widgets to post on your Facebook profile!”

Create your widget, install the WidgetBox Facebook app, pull it into Facebook and there you have it!

If you want to participate in widget mania then go check out the WidgetBox application.