Wibiya Uses Facebook, Twitter to Make Your Blog Better

Can you build a community around a Facebook Public Profile, and will that help in your own blogging endeavors? Wibiya has created a service that is banking on the ability to do so, which has become an easier task given the continued updates to Fcebook’s platform, namely Facebook Connect.

Leveraging an existing fan base/community from Facebook in order to drive traffic and build up your own blog is a concept we support here at Social Times and AllFacebook, as it goes along with the marketing ideas put forth in some of our articles. But recent updates to Wibiya mean that the process of utilizing Facebook for your own purposes could be made that much easier.

Wibiya works by providing widgets and custom toolbars that you can add to your site, which act as catalysts for optimizing the way in which your blog can take advantage of existing social networks, media tools and communities on the social web. Launching its private beta earlier this month, Wibiya has reported having reached 2 million users. Wibiya will spend the next few weeks extending its private beta, with plans to open its service up to the public towards the end of the year.

The recent updates to Wibiya’s services include a Facebook Connect community shoutbox, integrated Twitter search and integrated Twitter trending topics. The Facebook Connect community shoutbox is a more integral way in which to directly connect your Facebook community with your blog or website. It makes communication easier for your community members, as they can post omments in the shoutbox. This feature particularly takes advantage of the news-spreading ways of Facebook Connect, but looks to use it in a way that offers more capabilities for interaction between your audience.

Beyond your Facebook presence, Wibiya is looking to further increase your blog traffic and branding potential with its new Twitter integration. For this, Wibiya has taken two important aspects of Twitter filtering and associated it with your blog. The Twitter search is tied directly with your own account user name, so the content coming from your Twitter stream is being utilized for community-building within Twitter and on your own site.

Trending topics is a feature we’re seeing on a number of Twitter-related applications and use-case scanarios. While trending topics through Wibiya isn’t directly associated with any community features you’re building up, this integrated resource aids in the creation of your own community by adding stickiness to your site.

Deeper Facebook integration is on the short list for Wibiya, with plans to expand on its current fixed set of features. See here for more details on how Wibiya’s service works.