WIBC-FM Launches Video Traffic Reports for Cell Phones

WIBC_Traffic.jpgIndianapolis News Center WIBC radio (93.1 FM) just launched Cell Cam Traffic, a free mobile traffic service for Indianapolis-area commuters that includes streaming live video.

The service, developed by mobile traffic company 3rd Dimension, relies on 56 traffic cameras operated by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and is part of the Intelligent Transportation System. Cameras are mounted along roadways in the WIBC-FM listening area. Once mobile users download and install the app, they can view live traffic cam images from any of the cameras, similar to the one that this author already reviewed for 880 AM radio in New York City for PC Magazine.

To download the video application, commuters can go to the www.wibc.com/traffic website and sign up for the free service by entering their mobile phone number.