Wibbitz turns text news articles into short video summaries on iOS

Image via Wibbitz

Newsreader app Wibbitz looks to change the way mobile users consume news on the go, turning long-form text articles into video and audio summaries that get the point across while saving time for the user. The platform aggregates articles from around the web, and uses text-to-voice technology to present those articles alongside related pictures, short video clips or animated images.

Wibbitz allows users to browse and save their favorite news categories, from Market and Business to Entertainment, World News and beyond. News is pulled in from a variety of sources, including BBC, USA Today, TV Guide, NBC News, Reuters and many more. Categories can be further customized to only source articles from users’ favorite outlets, for instance.

Articles are presented in short video clips of 60-120 seconds in length, with links provided to the original sources for more information. Depending on the story and content therein, the voice “reading” the story may be a bit robotic or hard to understand, in cases where things are presented one way on paper, but spoken differently (Pope John Paul II, or “the second”, for instance, would be read as Pope John Paul “eye” “eye”).

Wibbitz shares a similar idea to Umano, which also transforms text articles to real speech. However, Umano uses real voice talent instead of text-to-speech programs.

Wibbitz is now available to download for free on iOS. You can follow the app’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.