Wibbitz iPhone App Brings Headlines in Short Video Summaries

Joining a handful of other apps dedicated to summarizing the news for readers, the online news summary site Wibbitz has launched a new iPhone app that serves users video summaries of text articles.

“Reading long articles on a mobile device is way too difficult, especially when you’re on the move,” explains the company on its iTunes listing. “Wibbitz lets you watch the news you love in the form of video summaries instead of having to read it- Perfect for a mobile experience.”

The free app is full of the latest news updates illustrated as video summaries, based out of video clips, images, animated infographics and voiceover. You can search out news in different categories, be it politics, technology, sports, and so forth and then listen to the video news summary of your choice within the given category. The content is served up through algorithms based on the content that you search for and view.