Why You're Seeing Bubble Blowing Photos On Facebook

Earthjustice wants Facebookers to take photos of themselves blowing bubbles and post the pictures on the organization's page, to rally support for tougher air pollution laws.

Have you seen profile photos showing people blowing bubbles? If so, that means a viral marketing campaign by Earthjustice is working.

The environmental law firm launched a page late Tuesday rallying support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s bid to strengthen air pollution standards.

The page asks people to take a picture of themselves blowing a chewing gum bubble, upload to Facebook and make it their main profile image.

Earthjustice also wants supporters to like the organization and share their pictures on the entity’s wall.

The page has acquired 30,348 likes — that’s a lot for a first day — and quite an amusing photo gallery of bubble-blowing clean-air supporters.

Tuesday’s page launch coincides with a visit to the White House by more than 70 doctors, nurses, social-justice advocates and community organizers who are gathering from across the nation to urge Congress, the EPA and the Obama Administration to implement the strongest clean air health standards possible.

“They are aiming to counter the voices of industry lobbies who have been hounding the administration, EPA and Congress for months to weaken the rules,” says Brian Smith, Earthjustice campaign manager.

He explains that Earthjustice’s Blow A Bubble for Clean Air page on Facebook aims to inform the public about the Clean Air Act (enacted in 1970) and to provide interested citizens with tools to defend this act.

Apparently, some members of Congress want to restrict EPA’s ability to fight air pollution, and also reverse some environmental improvements enacted while Democrats dominated the legislature.

Readers, how effective do you think this type of activity is at motivating legislative change?