Why You'll Love Facebook's New iPhone App

This evening I’ve been playing around with Facebook’s new iPhone application and it’s definitely a significant upgrade from before. As mentioned on a number of instances, the new application includes events, Facebook page management, full access to the news feed, the ability to create and edit notes, video upload, and more. This iteration is a significant upgrade and given that the application has over 4 million daily active users and 12 million monthly users, this will be a much welcomed upgrade.

As I wrote on Sunday, Facebook’s new application has been submitted to the app store and is awaiting approval. In the meantime we’ve had the opportunity to poke around and so far the experience is much better than before. The only problem for me is that I can’t access my friends but that’s most likely a result of having over 4,000 contacts. The new application has many new features though as I’ve already mentioned.

The most useful features for me have been the ability to browse through all events in addition to having full news feed access.

Are Applications On The iPhone App Around The Corner?

The new layout of the Facebook for iPhone application suggests that there is room to add on additional applications in a fashion similar to the iPhone platform. While application notifications are now visible via the iPhone application, there are no other integration points for developers. With over 12 million users on the iPhone application alone, I’m sure developers would love to be able to add features that integrate into the app.

While Joe Hewitt, the developer of the application, hasn’t stated any intention to support additional applications, the new layout is clearly structured for additional features. While many developers have already built their own stand alone applications on the iPhone, smaller developers don’t have the resources to build iPhone applications in addition to Facebook ones. It will be interesting to see how this aspect of the application evolves over time.

Page Administrators Get More Control

For those page administrators that want to keep tabs on their Facebook Page all day long, you’ll now be able to access all of your page’s content from the iPhone application. You can post updates to the page, view users’ wall posts and post replies, and upload photos to your page as well. It’s a great addition that I’m sure many page users and managers will enjoy.

Almost Everything Is There

If you want to interact with Facebook on a daily basis, this application is pretty much all you’ll need. While videos are not yet playable in the application and push notifications have not been integrated yet, both features will most likely appear in the next iteration, which developer Joe Hewitt is already working on. What features would you like to see integrated in to Facebook’s iPhone application?

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