Why You Should Write a Vision Statement

Let’s face it, as journalists we’re accustomed to story telling. Why should our career path be any different? Why not create a convincing, confident vision statement to create a path to follow?

This blog post is inspired by the Simply Hired blog which relates to the often cringe-worthy question frequently asked during interviews: “So tell me, where do you see yourself in five years?”

When you prepare for the interview you typically get ready mentally to answer that question, right? Why should the “real world” be any different? Although articulating a carefully thought out goal-oriented answer is important during the interview itself, so is taking the question seriously after the fact.

Robin Fisher Roffer writes in the piece, “The only way to give a thoughtful response to that question is to sit down and imagine what you really want for your career long term and then crisply articulate that audacious dream so that it can take flight.”

Considering companies have vision statements, why shouldn’t you? It can stem from the question asking where you want to go and more importantly, how you’re going to get there. She added, “It can be uncharted and far-reaching – even farfetched. It can never be small-minded and laced with fear.”

Considering companies have vision statements with a tagline and brand themselves a certain why, why shouldn’t you — technically a brand — do the same? For instance, if you take Nike’s vision to “be the number one athletic company in the world” there is a grand vision and affirmation of presenting the company to the world in a certain way.

While this is different from a mission statement which is more like a brief explanation of what you do, a vision statement relies upon the key word: “Vision.” She pointed out, “It should be so immense you feel a little scared just writing it down, but do it anyway, and guide yourself to success.”