Why You Should Give Paper.li Another Look

Many people are using Paper.li these days to do business. The way it works is that you can turn Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds into an online newspaper that gives your readers  focused news and information that you choose.

I like it for its focused topics. Whatever your industry or interests, you can gather together a number of different sources and get personalized news delivered whenever you wish. This is helpful if you’re trying to find out information on a certain topic, say Iran. The #iran Daily has been compiled through the hashtag #iran. So instead of having to cull through a number of different users using that hashtag, you can get it all in this one location. And because you can subscribe (simply by entering your email address), you’ll get the gathered daily news and information mailed directly to your inbox. No more searching required!

It can also help you connect with others in your field. When I’m tweeting, I almost always include one or two hashtags. That way, I can connect with people interested in the same topics. But what you might not realize is that by using hashtags, you might get picked up in someone’s Paper.li. I have been featured in papers covering everything from beauty to BBQ. What I appreciate about that is I get introduced to a whole new audience and I can follow the other contributors, whom I might not have known about otherwise.

And while writers like me are using it on a small scale, it’s actually being used by some big heavies. Guardian Technology, realizing where it’s audience is spending it’s time – online and perhaps not purchasing a hard copy newspaper – created its own Guardian Technology Paper.li, making it quick and easy for its readers to capture the lastest technology news and reviews.

Eric Hippeau and Guy Kawasaki joining the Paper.li board shows the immense power that it not only has, but what it can harness in the future.

In an interview with Paper.li, Fran Melmed, Co-founder of CoHealth and publisher of the  Co_Health Daily, explains the benefits of using it for her business:

“The Co_Health Daily is one way we deliver information to our community. It helps me and others to keep on top of all of the news that’s out there, and in a more aesthetically pleasing way than via a Twitter stream. I also like that people can subscribe to it, as I know many of our members aren’t on Twitter. They can get the Paper.li sent to their inbox.”

Like Google+, Facebook and other social networking tools, you can choose to use it however much or little you like. I think that once you discover Paper.li, you’ll see all the various ways that it can help you cull through the glut and get you the information you need when you need it.

And perhaps after looking through other’s curated news and information, you’ll be inspired to create your own Paper.li.

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