Why You Need to Create a Tweet Schedule Now

What’s your business’ tweet style? Do you post last-minute “the weather outside is terrible so I’m going to stay in and drink cocoa” posts, or are your tweets targeted and professional? Businesses that don’t have an active tweet schedule need to create one today, in order to maximize the benefits of their Twitter presence. Learn how below.

What’s a tweet schedule?

A tweet schedule is basically pre-written and scheduled tweets that coincide with what you tweet in real-time.

Each tweet is targeted towards your audience, with the goal of building a branded presence on Twitter. They should represent your brand in a positive light, and be professional in nature – without being bland.

It’s a good idea to offer useful information in your tweet schedule, without restricting tweets to a certain time or place. For instance, if you want to comment on something topical like an upcoming election, you’d best save that commentary for your real-time tweets. Your tweet schedule, on the other hand, should be “evergreen” in nature, meaning that it can be posted and read at any time and still be relevant. The information in these tweets could be related to your business, services you offer, insight into your industry and more.

The benefits of a tweet schedule

Creating a tweet schedule will ensure that your Twitter account is targeted and consistent.

Targeted tweets will attract your target audience. If you are a freelance designer, for instance, your tweet schedule might consist of comments on the standard price per contract you’re seeing, general questions to other designers about their experiences with clients, and your opinion on the future of the industry. In this way, you will ensure that you are tweeting regularly about the designer field, attracting both fellow designers (for networking purposes) and potential clients.

A tweet schedule also ensures that your Twitter account is consistently producing quality tweets. If you write up a dozen or more tweets in advance and schedule them throughout the week, your audience will know that you are an active Twitter user who posts consistently on one topic. This will establish your brand as engaged in the conversation and knowledgeable about your industry.

How to create a tweet schedule

Creating a tweet schedule requires some thinking before you can go ahead and write your first evergreen tweet.

First, think about who you are targeting on Twitter. Are you looking for clients? Customers? Colleagues? This will define your entire tweet schedule strategy, so be sure you nail this one.

Next, decide how many tweets you want to send out per day. You still want to engage with your audience using real-time tweets, so a good rule of thumb is that no more than half of your daily tweets are from your tweet schedule. The rest should be real-time.

You can then go ahead and write out your first batch of your tweet schedule tweets. Keep in mind that you’ll want to vary the format here, and stagger them throughout the day and the week. You’ll want to have a good variety of real-time and scheduled tweets throughout the day, so don’t schedule them too close to one another.

And finally, don’t forget to monitor your tweet plan to see how your audience is engaging with each tweet. This can help your refine your next batch of scheduled tweets to increase your brand’s potency on Twitter.

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