Why We’re Even More Jealous of Gary Smith Than We Were an Hour Ago

smith2.jpgGary Smith, “America’s best magazine writer,” might also have America’s best job. In an interview over the phone earlier today, the brilliant Sports Illustrated scribe, winner of four national magazine awards and for our money still the best longform sports journo (if not the best, period) in the country, just spent four days sitting in the famous bleachers at Wrigley Field reporting on a story:

“I’m working on a story where I spent four days up in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. Until this past week, they had the best record in baseball. And I’m also working on a story about a NASCAR driver who’s also a Hollywood stuntman.”

Some guys have all the luck.

We’ll be running the full So What Do You Do? interview with Smith in the near future, but if you need your SI fix sooner, its managing editor, Paul Fichtenbaum, will appear on mediabistro.com’s “Magazines of the Future panel this Wednesday.