Why We’re Always the Last To Get the Good Stuff

We’re not usually gadget-focused here on Mobile Media News. But if anyone is wondering why mobile TV and the mobile Web are in such disarray, this MSNBC article by Michael Rogers is a good read.

For years, other nations have had broadcast mobile television, 5+ megapixel camera phones, and even e-commerce systems that you pay for purchases with your cell phone.

In many cases, we don’t get new phone technologies until the rest of the world already considers them outdated. Compared with other countries, our market is fragmented; this is why it’s taking so long for mobile TV to get going, for example.

But don’t worry. Soon we’ll all be able to tune in, though whether or not we’ll end up paying extra for it is still an ongoing question.

Why is U.S. always last in line for new phones? [MSNBC]