Why Weekends Are a Great Time for Brands to Lift Their Instagram Engagement

New data shows the rate of likes, shares and comments jumps

Brands see less competition after most marketers clock out as the work week ends.
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Lazy weekend days are the best time to capture the attention of Instagram users, per research that social marketing vendor Later.com completed on Tuesday. The vendor generated the data from around 1 million brands, agencies, social consultants and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

“According to our data, post rates slightly decrease on weekends since a lot of people, specifically businesses, don’t tend to post as much,” said Matt Smith, Later.com founder. “This presents an opportunity to rise up the algorithm faster due to decreased competition.”

His report said companies post most often between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursdays. Perhaps here’s why part of that is now true: Later.com’s findings in 2015 concluded that Wednesday posts on Instagram received the most engagement.

Not anymore. Saturdays and Sundays now share that distinction. As the chart below indicates, Later.com’s clients most often get 400-plus interactions on those weekend days.

“People are looking for a secret window of time that will perform the very best for their content,” Smith added. “Since every account and business is unique and has a set of global customers with their own time zones, the reality is that the solution for the best time to post has to be personalized and custom to each account to be valuable.”