Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Today’s complaint about Washington D.C. gossip involves a lack of originality. If you peruse Politico‘s CLICK and The Hill‘s In the Know, you see virtually the same boring items.

What did we learn today?

1. George Clooney doesn’t want to be President of the United States. (Of course he doesn’t. Moving on.) The Hill reports that Clooney said it at a presser in Italy Wednesday; Politico cites the AP.

2. “Little Miss Sunshine” actor Paul Dano will play a young Karl Rove in a movie. Politico and The Hill both cite TheWrap. (Fine, we probably need to know this. But twice? Zzzzz)

We were obviously intrigued by Judy Kurtz’s (a.k.a. Howiella in FishbowlDC circles) item on Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.) snagging two fish at once in Alaska earlier this month. This doesn’t seem terribly brave, but at least it offers a degree of ingenuity on her part. Howiella admits her lack of expertise on fish and lets a Seattle Times columnist describe Dicks’ fishing maneuver. He apparently “hooked a pink salmon while mooching a herring.”