Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Did you know that Rielle Hunter, the famed mistress of John Edwards, has a book out? She has been making the rounds promoting this damn thing to the point where we feel like we’ve read it cover to cover already. Don’t tell that to WaPosReliable Source, though. They gave us their book report for “What Really Happened” on Tuesday afternoon and, surprise, they offered nothing new. It’s filled with ice cold leftovers from write-ups that we’ve already seen from other publications.

To make matters worse, the story went online at JUST about the time that Rielle’s interview with the ladies from ABC’s “The View” aired, so that’s all anyone was talking about. Hunter is old news. There aren’t many secrets left in her book that were already spilled in her interviews or given as part of testimony. Can we please move on to bigger topics now? Like everyone wildly guessing on how SCOTUS will rule on healthcare.