Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

WaPo’s “UNreliable Source just keeps getting worse and worse. Just look at this latest piece of celebrity news. There are three stories and not one of them relates to Washington, D.C. We have a story about Will Smith slapping a reporter….  IN THE UKRAINE. We have a story about Lady Gaga pissing off her fans….  IN THAILAND. We have a story about  Sharon Stone fighting her former nanny in court….  IN LOS ANGELES. Couldn’t they at least make an attempt to tie it back to D.C. in SOME way? Most of these stories don’t even take place on this continent. It’s just unapologetically writing Hollywood gossip that has no reason being in section.

The UNreliable Source  is here to give you all the news that you hadn’t even realized that you didn’t care about.