Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

We took a week off this feature to bring our blood pressure down. But there are some disturbingly vanilla items out there and we can’t contain ourselves.

For instance, take The Hill‘s “In the Know” item on GOP Presidential contender Herman Cain‘s appearances at AEI and the National Press Club Monday. Howeesha (a.k.a. Judy Kurtz) feels the need to bring up Cain’s golden ties. The fact that he wears yellow ties wasn’t interesting the first time around. But to bring it back on the most scandalous day of his entire presidential campaign is beyond pointless. We’ve been through this before, but using the word “revealed” for something as vanilla as this makes zero sense: “Cain’s campaign had revealed to ITK that the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO prefers gold-colored neckwear because he, ‘likes the gold standard.'”

Revealed would be if the Cain campaign told Howiella that he prefers to be tied up in golden ties by women he may or may not be porking on the side…you get the idea. That would be “revealed.”