Why The NY Times Mag Ethicist Podcast Will be Great

Experts give expert advice.

One of the big changes New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein is making to the title has been unveiled. The Ethicist column, most recently penned by Chuck Klosterman, has been reimagined as a podcast. We love this idea.

The new Ethicist — a column which was first appeared in 1999 — is a weekly, half-hour podcast, with Amy Bloom, Jack Shafer and Kenji Yoshino answering reader questions. The first episode is available to download today. The print and online version of the column will now be an edited version of their show.

Bloom is a novelist and psychotherapist who has been practicing for 25 years. If we need to explain who Shafer is, you’re likely new here (he’s a highly respected media critic, currently working for Politico). Yoshino is the chief justice Earl Warren professor of constitutional law at NYU.

We like this move by the Times and Silverstein. An ethicist should have at least some sort of professional experience with doling out advice. Otherwise what’s the point of listening to them? And podcasts are weirdly having a moment right now, so might as well try and ride that wave.

This is a good start to the new Times Mag. We’re excited to see what’s next.