Why Spend a Bazillion Dollars Making a Movie and Then Make a Throwaway iPhone Game App?

Screenshot courtesy of Haven Interactive

Movie makers spend tens of millions (and sometimes hundreds of millions) of dollars making a big-budget movie. But, just as spending lots of money doesn’t guarantee a quality movie, iPhone game apps tied to a big-budget movie vary in quality too. Case in point is this free iPhone game app to help promote the new Wolverine X-Men Origins movie…

X-Men Origins: Wolverine The Game – Feral Sense

It has 36 review so far with an average rating of 2 out of 5 stars. But, that average doesn’t tell the whole story. 21 of the 36 ratings are 1 star ratings. One commenter wrote: Photo apps are a good cheap way to market a movie and gave it a single star rating. After being burned by taking the time to try…

Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Tooth Fairy Terror

…a few months ago, I decided that some apps are not cheap enough even when given away as a free app. So, I’m not even trying out this X-Men free game.

There are, however, free movie promotional game apps that I thought were entertaining and worth the time I took to try them out. Two that comes to mind are:

RhinoBall (promoting the Walt Disney Bolt animated movie)
Race to Witch Mountain (promoting the movie of the same name)

If you have any recommendations for other good (or at least decent) movie tie-in iPhone games, post a comment here to let other people know.