Why RockYou and Facebook Agreed To A Five Year Love Affair

It’s no secret that Facebook is the core bread and butter for the majority of social gaming companies out there. The arrival of Facebook Credits has got everyone scrambling to figure out their future. Following the lead of major players like Zynga and Crowdstar is RockYou and is announcing a long-term agreement with Facebook in which RockYou will strictly use Facebook Credits as its primary virtual currency across its apps. Read more after the jump.

Although the specifics of the deal aren’t disclosed, RockYou will exclusively use Facebook Credits for its games like Zoo World, allowing users to purchase premium items using Facebook Credits. Facebook will keep 30% from all transactions and RockYou will reap the rest. To date, there are over 150 companies that have been testing the waters with Facebook Credits but only 2 companies Zynga and Crowdstar have signed long term agreements. Also, only Crowdstar and LOLapps is now using fB Credits exclusively according to Eric Eldon of Inside Network.
Facebook and RockYou have been in close cooperation on certain frontiers such as RockYou’s “Deal of the Day” which rewarded 1 million users with fB Credits in exchange for interactions with ads within the first four days. RockYou’s tremendous user base has also provided vital data for Facebook as it evolves its fB Credits platform.

“Facebook is showing a long-term commitment to social gaming — and that’s very exciting,” said Lisa Marino, chief revenue officer at RockYou. “We look forward to continue working with Facebook and Facebook Credits. As users adopt Credits, there may be a great opportunity for us to increase revenue from both a virtual goods and advertising perspective.”

Facebook is most likely incentivizing developers by giving away millions of fB credits for free – in other words paying them indirectly for accepting credits. Facebook is quite active in pushing its virtual currency to become the standard across social games and apps and claims that it will be beneficial. Crowdstar has already seen a 50 percent jump in commerce after introducing fB Credits. We look forward to seeing how others are faring with fB Credits and will keep you all posted.