Why Retro Subjects Like Bob Ross Are Making a Comeback on Instagram

Where nostalgia reigns supreme

Instagram has long been the go-to app for millennials to upload nostalgic, old photos (as well as hosting the popular #TBT hashtag) and it's also helping reboot retro franchises.

When Netflix added 25 episodes of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting to the streaming service early last month, posts about the famous '80s painter spiked on the photo and video-sharing app. The data point is part of Adweek's ongoing series with Facebook to track the buzziest topics on the social network and Instagram, this time for the month of June.

Based on the Ross-related posts, it should come as no surprise then that Father's Day was another massive topic on Instagram, no doubt from the number of throwback pics uploaded. The death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and the NBA Finals were also popular issues.

On Facebook, news chatter spiked thanks to a busy (albeit somber) month, including the United Kingdom's Brexit vote, the mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub Pulse and the murder of YouTube singer and The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie.

Check out more data about Facebook in the expandable chart below.

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