Why PR Firms Should Never Go ‘Incognito’

Nancy Reagan NoYes, yes, NFL lovers. I hope you see what I did there. That bit of brilliance notwithstanding, PR agencies often dredge up the stereotypes in this business by not willing to ever say the classic Nancy Reagan safe word, “No!”

(And for you kids in the audience, Nancy Reagan was an important woman. Look it up.)

Many agencies are whoring out services to people who either don’t deserve the attention or just for esses-and-giggles because the challenge is fun. This time, it’s both.

Ladies and germs, NFL outcast and resident bully bigot Richie Incognito has a PR firm.

ICYMI: Here’s why the former Miami Dolphins (really) offensive lineman Richie Incognito hired a crisis communications PR firm. It’s six minutes plus, so you can read along at home if you would like:

In the video, Richie is telling his black teammate Jonathon Martin that he would like drop trow and drop a deuce in Martin’s mouth, slap his mama and then calls him a few racially charged terms because he can. Oh yes, and he threatens to murder him. Locker room hijinks? Adolescent shenanigans? Nope. Incognito was suspended indefinitely — with pay — and Martin takes to rehab because of “bullying.”

To wit, Richie hires one of the nation’s leaders of crisis management — Sitrick & Co. And his first move: Fox & Friends.

That’s Incognito speaking of himself in third person, or some idiot at a certain PR firm who forgot this is coming from Incognito’s Twitter account. Although I am privileged to say I have worked for a couple of firms (and do currently) that has no problem withdrawing interest from a proposal or a client with questionable scruples, can we all say that?

It seems to be something more of a rarity than a commonality. This dude bashed a fellow player into submission, but he wants to rehash his image? And there’s a PR guy out there with hands arms wide open to welcome Richie in. So, here’s a serious question: Would you? Why or why not?

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