What, How and Why People Share on Social Media [Infographic]

Users love to post images on social media, and desktop computers are still their primary device for sharing.

why people share

why people share

User sharing on social networks can be a somewhat nebulous topic. Marketers would love to know just what kinds of content gets shared the most. To answer this question, web design and development company Go-Gulf created an infographic that breaks down what, where and why people share on social media.

Pictures are the No. 1 type of content users like to share. In fact, 43 percent of users share photos, while 26 percent of users like to share opinions, status updates and links to articles. Luckily for marketers, 25 percent of users share personal recommendations of things they like, which makes them natural brand advocates.

Different networks seem to encourage different kinds of sharing. Facebook and Google+ are most the most popular place for sharing photos. Twitter users like to share simple updates on their day-to-day lives.

Desktop still reigns supreme in terms of devices used to share content. For instance, on Twitter, users post 140.86 million comments come from desktop devices, compared to 94.15 million from mobile, and 51.63 million posts from tablets. This pattern remains true across Facebook and Google+ as well.

As for why people share on social networks, 84 percent of users share as a way to support causes or issues they care about. Seventy-eight percent of users share because it allows them to connect to others they may not stay in touch with otherwise.

For more data about how much users in certain countries share, or which emotions are most common in social media posts, view the infographic below: