Why Patrick Gavin Compares This Election to Falling Off a Bike

A cautious optimism.

While former FishbowlDC editor Patrick Gavin continues on his quest to get an interview with President Obama, in today’s segment he’s thinking about the children and what they have witnessed throughout this election.

It’s titled How To Talk To Your Kids About Election Day and Gavin, like so many of us today, is stopping to think about the psychic impact of this election. “How do we as parents instill a sense of respect for presidential campaigns when this campaign has been anything but respectful?”

He compares it to the necessary act of falling off a bike to learn how to ride. “It’s no fun, and it hurts and it’s frustrating, and it feels sometimes like you’re not making any progress.”

He continues, “But out of those bumps and bruises, you eventually ride. The hope is that when we look back at this election, that we’ll be able to say, at the very least, that yes well fell, but we didn’t do as much damage to ourselves as we possibly could have.”

Gavin is, ultimately, optimistic. When we asked him about that concluding thought, he told us, “My hope is that as ugly as this election has been, the aftermath will be one of healing instead of further division, which would be the only silver lining that I can think of to what has otherwise been a very harmful campaign.”

We’ll see soon enough.