Why Not Leave Politico’s Mike Allen Alone?

This weekend former CNNer Eric Kuhn, now a digital media agent for United Talent Agency in LA, could not leave Mike Allen alone to his work while the Playbook writer tapped away on his handheld device during a hike in Aspen. Like paparazzi, Kuhn treated Allen like a star and snapped this picture of Allen in the woods, which (small apologies to Allen) we could not resist running.

Kuhn’s caption on Twitter: “Mike Allen is always working, even on a hike in Aspen.”

We thank the former CNNer for tipping us off on the matter.

UPDATE: The whole event unfolded on Twitter. Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong was also on the hike and organized it by sending out a tweet. Billed as an Aspen Ideas Festival Twitter hike, hikers braved the UTE trail, considered one of Aspen’s more difficult hikes, while live tweeting the geeked out event. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and wife, Kathleen, were among the hikers as was LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. #OnlyinAspen