Why Mickey Kaus Loves The Daily Caller (and Hates Most Everyone Else)

Mickey Kaus‘ blog, kausfiles, is officially at The Daily Caller, and officially at home in Washington media culture as he bashed other news organizations in one of his first posts.

Kaus says working at Newsweek was “sort of like setting up your tent in a bombed out building.” He describes editor after editor leaving the publication and, knowing the “occupying army” would soon come for him, he called Tucker Carlson. (He didn’t contact The Daily Beast, he writes, because he was afraid they’d either fire him or hire him. He wasn’t enthused about either option.)

Kaus, who has been at his new home all of a few days, paints his new publication as a nirvana that other outlets couldn’t possibly be. He prefers The Daily Caller because “the people here seem to be actually having fun, while the people at The Daily Beast seem to be having a desperate sort of faux-fun as they try to madly generate playing hits.” He thinks Tina Brown, though talented, is wasted on the Internet.

At The Daily Caller, Kaus observes, “there is a slightly disorganized, understaffed rough-and-ready attitude that’s vastly preferable to a perfectly organized hierarchy of editors who busy themselves trying to shape your copy.” Kaus likes that. And it didn’t hurt that his new site quickly set up a suitable blog template for kausfiles, “a technical feat Slate was unable to accomplish in a year and a half.”

That enough sucking up for one post by Kaus or what?

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